Literally read and spill.

From the onset I made it clear that I was a sucker for books. I like reading and I consider it therapeutic as it is educating.

A friend of mine started a book club early this year but it was sort of a demo. It’s going to be officially active in October so if you know you’re one for the books, or you’re trying to get into the habit of reading then this is for you. Follow her on Instagram @readandspill and make your inquiries as to how you can join.

Still not convinced it’s the place for you? Well then read on. I’m not about to give up the convincing just yet.

We read and we spill. We gut it out. The good, the bad and the ugly. Literally.

Anyone with a book in mind brings it up and we vote which one we want to read for the next two weeks. See. Enough time for a slow reader and more than enough ginger for a fast one.

I didn’t want to strain myself and end up not meeting up with my target so I limited my to be read pile to 24 books this year. Yes I know. That does not define a bookworm but hey. The point I’m trying to make here is, with read and spill, I got to be exposed to so many other book suggestions which stirred up my curiosity and I actually pushed to read more. I can say it with my chest that in the past 6 months I’ve read over 24 books. So what were you saying again? With read and spill I was able to ditch my cocoon and spread my wings(typical Disney princess style).

Ever read a book or watched a movie and wanted to spill it out, talk about it back and forth with someone? Yes! Me too. The torture that comes with not finding someone to relate all of it with. You don’t want that. Again, read and spill has got your back. Literally (you might loose count of this word ‘cause I mean it, literally). We rant there. We squeal, we bellow, we tug at our hairs, we hmm and we ahh. Literally! What better way to peel off a book than discuss it. At read and spill, we have intellectual discussions about a book, ones you may not think of on your own. I am for it.

How many genres have you read? How many have you ditched just because you thought they weren’t for you? How many do you know? Literally speaking. We rub minds. Again, literally. We bring up different genres and toss them around. We become familiar with them.

There are times I would go a month and not feel like reading. I would literally read a page or less in a day sometimes it scares me. I used to think I was the only one who went through it. I would feel like I was such a lazy ass and it was sort of a crime to ditch it like that. I came to know that we all had off days. Days where we want to do nothing but just laze around. It is okay. For me it is at least. I know better now. A group of bookworms were overthrown by a book. A whole lot of us, could not kill a bird!(this is an inside joke by the way). A bird people, throws a whole bunch of people off their tracks. We had those days there. Majority were not in the feels we had to abort.


A book club is a really good way to expand your horizon. Your comfort zone will be disturbed, take it from me you need that to grow a long way. Can’t have you hiding away all day everyday. Take risks. What’s the worse that can happen(okay a whole lot can happen but you know what I’m getting at)

This is the only book club I’ve been in and I am super proud of myself for making that choice. I can’t say how other book clubs are like but I believe we’re all bunch of paper brains(not literally😒)

I hope I’ve put up a good case(geez, lawyers make lots of efforts). Don’t know of any book club, I gave you a free suggestion. Read and spill people. Literally

Love and light

Maryam Sulaiman

Book review: The brethren by John Grisham

Three judges serving time in a low security federal prison called Trumble, spend most of their time in the law library writing letters. Love letters of a sort. They called themselves the brethren. Their letters are mostly targeted towards rich older men with a fat pocket, in order to stack up wealth for when their time in prison is due, until they hit the wrong target, a man with a very strong connection.

It was a well written book with the timelines well arranged. Two characters stood out to me, one being Teddy and the second being Aaron. Teddy wasn’t particularly the main character but in another view he was. He was a handicapped man with a lot of affluence and influence. The fact that he was not in control of some parts of him didn’t deter his confidence and pride. He was quite phenomenal.

Aaron was an introvert and I could relate to him so well. He liked his space and privacy. He wasn’t particularly into all the social scenes and the camera until the proposal from Teddy came. The characters were portrayed intelligently I could literally see their whole story unweave.

The story kept me guessing what the next thing might be, for that I couldn’t afford to drop it mid way( aside from the challenge *wink*). It was a page turner for me.

It was a bit of a bummer though, when I couldn’t place what the ending was all about exactly. I had to re-read the whole page again and still did not get it. It was funny, and it was nerve racking.

I believe I judged a book by its cover. Well in this case, by its genre. I wasn’t too keen on reading legal books so I mostly pushed John Grisham’s books to the corner except for Camino island which wasn’t legal centered. John Grisham is called a legal thriller writer and now I know a bit why. If you have a knack for thrillers and suspense, then I’ll suggest you pick up a John Grisham book. His books’ final lines can make or break you, it all depends on how you view them. They will make you close the back cover and feel physically imprinted as though the words were pressed into you by a weight you can hardly fathom.

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

Pick a John Grisham book and thank me later

Love and light,

Maryam Sulaiman.

It might be lethal; but it’s just a challenge

I needed a cup of Tea for this challenge.

On my previous blog, I hinted that my next blog was going to be book related. Here it is y’all. So last week I was on YouTube, watching the new post from the @theaviddabblers and Ru was telling us a little bit about herself. (You can Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ruqayyamansur).

She said she had a record of reading 800 pages in 5 hours. I mean! So your girl being overzealous and a lover of a book challenge (I admit I don’t take up every challenge), I told her I was going to set a new record. And that’s what brought about this.

The next day I went into my mom’s makeshift library and grabbed a John Grisham book( it was the only option you guys. I still can’t bring myself to read most of Grisham’s cause they’re all legal and stuff) which had two bestsellers in one. So it was a few pages over 800. Imagine my happiness.

I got these pictures from google

Hence the need for a cup of tea. I needed to make everything ready so I don’t get up unnecessarily in between reading.

After my mom and siblings had left for work and school respectively, I found something to eat and sat down to begin the atonement. ( I did this to myself😫).

It was kind of needed really, cause I’ve been negatively idle for months now.

Talk about ready

I had my tea, a reservoir in my favorite and only flask(duh!) and the star of this whole show, The book! Now I dive in.

20 pages into the book and I feel “hey it’s not so bad”. Agreed it was all about the Legal practice, but hey. It wouldn’t hurt to waddle into a different niche. It was a good read and it got me opening page after page, eyes bulging at every new discovery and sighing at every save.

I sat there for four hours straight, only getting up when I had to grab something to munch on or answer a call by the door.

In summary; I did not read 800 pages in 5 hours!

I know.

It was a challenge worth trying though and I actually got to read 441 pages in less than 4 hours! Anyone think they can beat that? ( Ru is exempted please). It was exhilarating and I consider it an achievement because I got to push a lot of boundaries. With this now, I can try to reduce the hours reading the same number of pages or actually push harder to unlock a potential which I am yet to discover. The most important thing for me is that I challenged myself and there’s nothing more fulfilling than that.

Tips to consider when planing to sit for long hours reading.

1. Get a drink. Might be tea or coffee or soda. (If you need to go to the potty, it’s on you. 🌚)

2. Get loads of snacks. I mean it! You’ll wonder where the hell all that hunger is coming from.

3. Avoid distractions! Argh, they can be so unnerving.

4. Clear your schedule. We can’t have you abandoning your reading like that.

5. Get a comfortable space. I don’t know for you, but I needed more pillows for my back, legs, hands, and my head.

6. Get a wall clock that’s right in front of you. That way you can just peep and put your eyes back on the pages.

I hope these tips actually help you out on your discovery and remember, the most important challenge is with yourself. And it’s not lethal. It is just a challenge after all.

I’ll be sure to post a review on the book. By the way, I read ‘The brethren’.

Love and light,

Maryam Sulaiman.

Dramatic Entrance

Hello guys. This is Maryam Sulaiman and welcome to my blog. Finally! I get to say that. I’ve been wanting to start a blog since 2017. I didn’t get to start it until 2018. I uploaded my firs blog titled time. You can check it out here.

Let me give you a heads up though, it’s full of preemie words, but hey. I was learning, I am learning and I’ll keep learning. #imnotageniusanditsokay. So yeah, brace yourselves. So now that I’m all grown up, trying to handle the reigns like the adult I’m becoming *wink*, I’m focusing more on my blogs.

My next blog is coming soon you guys and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Let me give you a hint; It’s going to be book related cause I’m a sucker for books, I read a lot. Another; it’s sorta a challenge. Did you guess it? Well we’ll know when I post it yeah? Thank you guys for sparing your time to read my blog. It really means a lot. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share. Okay I sound like a YouTuber. Lmao! Ok bye

Love and light,

Maryam Sulaiman


The rate at which stuffs happen this days is overwhelming. I remember the days when I couldn’t wait for my sweet sixteen and to finally hit eighteen. Today, eighteen is a was. Voting will be a routine.

I remember when I wanted to grow up fast so I could be on my own,get my licence,be able to live on my own without so much as a parent telling me what to do all the Time. But growing up past that time isn’t only what’s mentioned above. It is responsibility. Maturity,sacrifice,hardwork,experience and more all come to you at once.

Whatever stage you are at the moment,make the most of It. There is no particular age for which dreams are made and fulfilled. Make the most of your time. Get out of that comfort zone because you aren’t just resting or hiding away. You’re killing that beautiful dream that took you time to make. Do not let go of even a second. Because it counts. Every damn second.